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Remote control using a cell phone from anywhere in the world!​

The GSM-AUTO is a GSM remote control switch, it connects to the cell phone network and like a cell phone has its own cell phone number. The GSM-AUTO is activated by Sending SMS to its cell phone number, it will recognise an authorised telephone number calling it, reject the call without answering and switch ON or OFF the device connected to it, because it rejects the call without answering there are no call costs incurred.


GSM 6 Relay

gsm  command.PNG

SMS Command used to program the code


    - Independent Output Relay (240VAC@3A) can be switched On/Off by sending a SMS text

    - Alarm Link Output Relay (240VAC@3A) can be switched on 0-120 minutes if controller unit triggered

    - 2/4/8 Alarm logic digital inputs, NC or NO and EOL is optional

    - Two way voice communication by external microphone and speaker

    - Supports armed, disarmed, inquiry status, switch on or off Independent Output Relay by  SMS Commands

    - Password protected, prevents unauthorized user

    - Can be set up and programmed from PC Configuration by USB cable

    - Backup rechargeable battery inside, can work for 24 hours when AC Power goes off

    - Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit

    - Based on GSM Network, applied to many applications


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