Traffic Light Controller

Fully dedicated microcontroller based operation

Configuration with Touch Screen Display Unit Includes / RS485 , Ethernet  & Wifi communication with software traffic management time inside.

Complete lamp monitoring , fuse blown & conflict detection

Can remote from control center with fix IP protocol complete with security

Use professional traffic light system configuration and collect actual data


Every lamp for each group comes complete with fuse protection to reduce risk of over current and short circuit

Pedestrian Sensor Touch Button

Modular  construction allows adaption to all kinds of intersections

One design for the whole city, independent of different functions of each intersections

Localisation of the push button due to acoustic and optical position signal (LED - ring)

Resistant against vandalism due to a strong poly carbonate body with an integrated metal core profile

Sound and volume adjustment using an integrated microphone to adhere to

Greenwave link Module

Intel8051 - based micro - controller system (89C2051)

  • Main unit (different set of program will determine the function of the module)

4 1/10 CPU compatible logic unit

  • 4 Inputs: coupling through opto-isolator (active high trigger) - P1.3

  • Outputs: open contact relay (operating on 24V)

  • P1.4 to P1.7


  • Up to 900meters


  • Every RF Module has its own ID (myID) in order to transmit data to a particular RF Module, the targeted RD ID must be specified (tgt ID)


The LED aspect for motorists is a 3x300

Aspect which displays Red, Amber Yellow and Green colors

The voltage is 195 VAC to 265 VAC (230 VAC Nominal)

High intensity  and high contrast

Reduce energy cost with 85% less

The brightness consume low power compared to traditional tungsten hologens bulbs


Amber countdown with Pedestrian Green Symbols


Red "Standing Man" symbol


Flashing red "Standing Man" while awaiting Green (push button activated)


Green "Walking Man" moving figure (animated) on-demand sequence activation

Operational hours programmable

Manual control for Green time extension for special occasion

Audible sound on Green (optional) for children,elderly or hearing impaired


Backup 4-12 hours when TNB power failure. To avoid unfortunate events such as car accident, injury or even death of road user from happening.

To evade the chances of traffic congestion,being late for work, school, airport and in the overall improve traffic flow.

To save time, vehicle fuel, cut down exhaust emission and minimize air pollution.

Since the installation of UPS, power related problems have been cut down to minimum and less downtime of traffic light were recorded.

No alteration or modification on the traffic light controller required for TRIACS brands controllers to incorporate the power backup system into the traffic light system


Solutions to reduce accidents and increase signalling efficiency is by using the digital countdown system with the traffic light at road intersections 

Countdown systems have become a necessary component of effective traffic intersections

Countdown system showing a 2 or 3 digit numeric identifying the number of seconds remaining for either a green traffic movement or red (traffic halt) light

Advantage of flexible functions,  vehicle adaptive(VA), skip phase feature, cutting edge design and low maintenance operation


Novel design with beautiful appearance

Low power consumption

High efficiency and brightness

Large viewing angle

Long lifespan 50,000 - 80,000 hours

Multi layer sealed and waterproof 

Exclusive optical leasing and good color uniformity

Long viewing distance

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