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Road studs light is used in smart zebra line system which provides a warning to passers-by walking on the zebra crossing during the night and provides lighting for pedestrians at night. It also provides drivers with advance awareness of the road ahead. It has superior visibility in poor weather and proved increase in safety at various applications such as reduced accidents and collisions at roundabout, road intersections, tunnels and crosswalks. 

Specifications of Road Studs Light:

  1. Main parts: Shells, lens, reflective film, PCB, LED, wire

  2. Input Voltage: DC12V

  3. Light intensity: 10,000 mcd (white LED)

  4. Power cons.: Uni-directional <1W, bi-directional <2W

  5. Material: Die-cast aluminum body, polycarbonate lens

  6. Dimensions (mm): 164.8 (diameter) * 84.6 (height)

Images of Road Studs Light

Videos of Road Studs Light


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