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Features of Smart GPRS & Lora Remote Monitoring Solar Street Lighting:

* Input Voltage: 9-30V (9-48V) Customized

* Standby Current: 65mA/12V, 33mA/24V

* Work Temperature: -40'C to +85'C

* Receiving sensitivity: -100dBM

* Line Transmit Distance: 2KM

* GSM Mode: 2G, 3G, 4G

Solar Wireless Concentrator (SWC)

ADS-SWC series concentrator is utilized of 4G communication module, compatible with 3G, 2G(GPRS signal), can be 

application in the world's harshest conditions; whether the area is in good 4G signal, or the remote area is in only GPRS signal. Besides, it adopts Lora technology to local network communication, make it have lower self-consumption but being with good communication. In addition, the Lora is globalized standard, so it can be applied for all countries without limit. 

Solar Street Light Controller (SLC)

ADS-JL series intelligent controller is the first one solar light controller combined with solar charge controller and Lora module all in one, and also through solar wireless concentrator to remote monitored by PC or Cellphone APP. This controller is integrated with led driver and Lora module, with time and dimming value via a remote control to all JWL-JL series controllers, but also can program the above parameters from PC software and APP. It is also with self-dimming function to automatically control solar LED lights turning on/off 365 days.

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