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The professional project for Urban & Road Traffic Management and Highway Administration Vehicle counter and traffic analysis software, using artificial vision. In order to data collection, incident detection, and planning for road safety based on artificial vision (artificial intelligence and video processing) that turns any traffic monitoring camera into an advanced A.I. Robot.

Features of Smart Traffic Analyzer :-

 - Highway / Road / Street (but not intersection) traffic analysis using artificial intelligence and video

 - Counting and classification vehicles per direction in different classes (light vehicles and           
   heavy vehicles)

 - Calculating the real time and average traffic volume

 - Calculate the average speed of vehicles

 - Incident detection

 - Providing applicable reports in different forms

 - Flexible to work in different Operational  environments. 

Video on vehicle counting

STA Report on Analyze the Road / Street

report in Excel form

Report on Excel form


Report on Pie Chart

bar chart.png

Report on Bar Chart


2D, Jalan Cengal 1/1a, Taman Cengal Indah, 09000 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman 


016-606 7245 / 018-4714979



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