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This system is suit for pedestrian crossing intersection. Each side install a 5 channel pedestrian controller, and add wireless module to realize communication between different controller. It's good for the place where not easy to get electricity power. Wireless system no need cut too much road, will save install time and labor cost also. System use solar power, energy saving and environment protection.
The main parts of this system:
  1. Solar Panel - 220W/36V
  2. Battery - 120AH/24V
  3. Charger Controller - 12~24V/10A
  4. Pedestrian Push Button - KH-AN-FM01/12~24V
  5. 5 Channel pedestrian crossing controller with wireless module
  6. High flux RAG traffic light - Led Brand, low power consumption
  7. 300mm High Flux Pedestrian light
Images of Pedestrian
Videos of Pedestrian
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