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Solar wireless 4G CCTV is a security camera that works by sending video and audio signals to the receiver using high frequency radio waves. This solar CCTV contains battery that can be recharge & battery life for this type can last up to 2-3 weeks once it charged. It normally places at no power source area like gardens, farms, construction sites & others. People also known this CCTV as a 100% WIFI-free battery powered.

Main features are:

              1) Rechargeable Battery - Solar charging with built-in batteries

              2) 1080P HD video

              3) Easy remote access - APP supports Android/IOS

              4) Ultra-low power consumption, super long standby

              5) Day & Night Vision - Infrared night vision up to 30M

              6) PIR human detection - Dual sensor detection

Images of  4G CCTV
Videos of  4G CCTV
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