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Touch Sensor With Infrared (IR) is installed on both sides of the crosswalk, so Pedestrians can trigger the signal to cross the street by touching button or using the infrared sensor. After receiving the trigger signal of pedestrian's request to cross the road, the signal machine will change the status of the current signal light, so as to achieve the purpose of letting pedestrians safely cross the road.


  1. Structure of independent property rights, use ABS/PC injection molding, support customized shell color and silk screen color.

  2. The blind clock and pedestrian application buttons are in one, with touch buttons and infrared sensing buttons available.

  3. Multi voltage optional (DC12, DC24, DC36, AC110, AC220). A variety of voltage types are available. 

  4. Button: can be soak in water & outdoor & touch type.

  5. Multi working mode optional (Learning style, Trigger type, Communication Type).

  6. Support different light color, tapping sound, voice prompt, voice countdown client-side

Images of Touch Sensor with IR
Videos of Touch Sensor with IR


2D, Jalan Cengal 1/1a, Taman Cengal Indah, 09000 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman 


016-606 7245 / 018-4714979



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