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       Solar traffic light viewer works on the prism principal to reflect a clear image of overhead traffic lights. It           is used to indicate road in smooth conditions and provide overview happening on the road. This is one           of the ways to avoid accident and traffic jam. 

       Features of TLV:​​

  • Using wire-free wireless outdoor battery security camera which is works cable-free with chargeable battery & reliable WIFI connection. 

  • Flexible & waterproof - put anywhere within 5 minutes installation. 

  • Solar powered - connect with Solar Panel to get non-stop & free power. 

  • 1080p Full HD - Get crystal and sharp videos/images with true 1080p Full HD.

  • 100° Wide Viewing Angle - Wider field of vision to cover more and miss less.

  • Eco friendly & cost saving

Images of TLV
Videos of TLV
Video of TLV at night
Video of TLV during rain
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